What is needed to haul animals?

What is needed to haul animals?

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Andrew Hodson
·Sep 3, 2021·

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Although the average person could easily assume that animal transport is simply putting animals in a truck or van and driving to their destination, animal transport is much more complicated than that.

Firstly, it is crucial to have a strong understanding of the regulations and laws in place which keep everyone safe and allow the transporters to fulfill their jobs lawfully. This can include any vaccinations, tests, treatments, or examinations that may be necessary for traveling or required by the animal’s destination, as well as vehicular requirements or regulations from associations like the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association ( IPATA ).

Next is the importance of having the proper equipment and any paperwork or certifications ready and up to date. Animal transporters can use a van, truck, trailer, or other vehicles they prefer so long as it meets all the necessary regulations and requirements for hauling animals. Paperwork is equally important as equipment since animal transporters will not be able to haul any animals if they fail to have a valid driver’s license, proper operating authorization, and insurance for their vehicle. These qualifications are also factors used in Hauling Buddies’ verified program.

The last thing needed to haul animals commercially is experience. Not only will the haulers need experience with their chosen mode of transportation (van, truck, and trailer, etc), but also safe handling and care for animals. It is vital that all drivers in an animal transport company exhibit both of these qualities, as both will be needed to make the drive safely whilst keeping the animals as calm and comfortable as possible.

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