What is animal transport?

What is animal transport?

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·Sep 9, 2021·

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What is animal transport?

Animal transport is the commercial activity of intentionally moving animals from one place to another. This profession can range from a minimal crew in a local transport business, to a crew of tens or hundreds in businesses that provide services across the nation. Although motor vehicle transport is the most common form, larger animals or those destined for a zoo, are sometimes transported using a cargo jet or airplane. Some types of animals that are regularly transported include livestock destined for sale or slaughter, zoo animals, laboratory animals, racehorses, wild animals being relocated, and pets.

How should you prepare your animals to be transported?

The most important thing for you as the animal owner to do before hiring an animal transport company is ensuring that your animal is healthy and ready to travel. Most states, and therefore transport companies, require your animal to get a certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI). This ensures that your animal is healthy enough to travel and is not carrying any infectious diseases. You must get any relevant information from the authorities of the destination well in advance to comply with regulatory timelines. Some states or countries may ask for specific testing such as the rabies titer test or require that your animal quarantine for a period of time upon arrival.

Hauling Buddies

Hauling Buddies is an online marketplace where people can find and communicate with professional animal transporters. Their focus is on finding high-quality transporters who prioritize the safety and care of your animal during transportation. Animal owners can rest assured after seeing the hauler’s verified credentials, and speaking with them to discuss the terms and conditions of the animal’s transport. With so many resources available and the ability for haulers and clients to communicate, it is clear that safe, professional animal transportation is their goal.

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